BBCC Store

We are presenting BBCC new 2023 Merchandise, have a look.


BBCC Dry Fit Long Sleeve Rash Shirts

Great beach wear while protecting you from the sun.

40.00 $CAD
BBCC Toques

1 Toque

to keep you warm on the water in late Fall and early Spring.


$5 discount when buying more than 1 Toque.

30.00 $CAD
BBCC Sailing Caps

Great Sailing Caps in three colours; Red, Grey and Navy

$5 discount when buying more than 1 Cap.

30.00 $CAD
BBCC Sailing Gloves
Who needs hand blisters? Nobody. Get a pair of great sailing gloves for the season.
30.00 $CAD
T-Shirt BUM 2023
Of course, you need an extra T-Shirt.  Limited Quantities available.
30.00 $CAD